Blankless - Never draw a blank on what to get them

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Blankless helps you manage wish lists for lots of people If you give gifts to a lot of people each year, it can be a hassle to keep track of what each person wants and what you've decided to get them. Blankless simplifies the process by giving you a centralized place to keep all those ideas and helping you keep track of what gifts you've decided to get. Blankless lets groups collaborate on wish lists Only see your cousin Sue twice a year? Let her husband Joe give you ideas! With Blankless, you can create groups of people that give gifts to each other. Group members can see each other's lists and make suggestions for one another. Invite your friends and family to your group and see how easy it is to find the perfect gift. Blankless helps avoid duplicate gifts When your friends and family share their lists, they get to claim dibs on the gifts they want to give each other. Never again will you get the same gift from three different people! Blankless keeps secrets Take comfort in knowing that if you share your great gift ideas for your brother that he'll never see them. With Blankless, suggestions made by other people are hidden from you so the surprise won't be spoiled.
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Overview and gift suggestions

Inviting people to your group

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The group page shows you a list of all the group members and how many gift suggestions they have. The gift icon also tells you at a glance if you've claimed a gift for someone.
Group list screenshot
When you're looking at someone's list, the gift icon tells you at a glance what gifts you have claimed. You can also see how much the gift costs and how important it is.
Gift list screenshot
Every time you view your Dashboard, Blankless will show you a list of recently suggested gifts. This way, you'll never miss someone's new great idea.
Recent gifts screenshot
See all of the gifts you have claimed at a glance. Print it out and take it with you when you go shopping.
Shopping list screenshot
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